Feel Good Farm Will be featured in the up coming Open Farm and Studio Tour !
Lyndeborough’s 5TH Annual Open Farm and Studio Tour will feature Feel Good Farm Sunday August 16 from 10am to 3pm. What makes You happy? Picking Blueberries, horse and buggy rides, and disc golf(Frisbee Golf) Stop by and enjoy the farm , weather permitting. Donator to silent Auction.
Telephone: (603) 654-2001

Air-soft is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports these days. When the teams put on the camo, the woods come alive with thrilling action and exciting teamwork. We are constantly adding new features to the air-soft playing area. Currently, we host a game every other Sunday; the warriors that attend flock from all over the northeast to do battle amidst rocky outcrops, dense undergrowth and ambush trails.

Hold on to your hats for some late fall air-soft too!

To become a new members or participants in a farm event please submit your full name, age, address, email and phone number. Please read, print and sign our bylaws and waiver. You only need to print the
pages that need to be signed. When you come to the farm with your paperwork, a brief introduction and tour will complete your membership duties.

All items are sold under the big white tent. Please print, fill out this form, and bring it with you.
undertent.png Waver Thumb

The following is a list of Mandatory and Recommended load outs for Feel Good Farm.



  1. Face Protection
    1. Age 13 and under are required to wear Paintball style Facemasks.
    2. Age 16-18 are required to wear Eye Forming Goggles or Wiley X style glasses with a strap and a Balaclava or Shemagh.
    3. Age 18 and over are required to wear Eye Forming Goggles or Wiley X style glasses with a strap.
  2. Water Containing Devices: Canteens or Camelbacks. Plastic bottles are okay but what you bring out to the field you take back with you at the end of the day.
  3. FRS Radios or “Walkie Talkies” or “Swackboxes”. We have an ever growing field and communication is key.
  4. Red rag – to place on your head when shot.
  5. Good boots with ankle support
  6. Signed Waiver
  7. A mature attitude.
captured Recommended:

  1. Compass
  2. Flashlight
  3. Backpack to haul your ammo.
  4. Extra pair of socks. Just incase the first pair get soaked.
  5. Age 18 and up, Balaclavas or Shemaghs
  6. Radio headsets – loud radio chatter will give away your position and get you shot.
  7. Suitable camoflage – Woodland, DCU etc.
  8. Tac vests or something to carry your gear.

Additional information:

The air-soft playing area is at least 1/4 mile from the parking area. You must be prepared to carry in anything you need for multiple games. Don’t penalize your team, and waste time by having to run back to the car for BBs or water.

When you arrive, park behind the big tent – against the stonewall. Meet at the tent for registration, briefing etc. There is no smoking under the tent, around the tent, or in the woods. The designated smoking area is the only place allowed.