Feel Good Farms Airsoft hosts several MILSIM operations throughout the regular season. These ops are meant to push players into an immersive experience in a simulated event. All of these events have taken months of planning, have full write ups that can be located on the event page, and often have specific rules for the event. So please make sure you are familiar with all these details prior to attending. Additionally, we ask that all players show up on time, go to Check-in, chrono, be prepared for PCI, and attend the briefing.  MILSIM operations are played with points in mind. Taking objectives, completing FRAGO missions, and good team work earn you more points. While things like lack of conduct, uniform irregularities, lack of preparation, and participation will lose you the battle. So make sure you’re squared away.

MILSIM = Military Simulation
PCI = Pre Check In (All players should arrive on time for the event and attend PCI. All players who come late must wait to be checked before entering the player field. Players must meet all the requirements of the packlist or they will not be allowed onto the field)
TACSOP= An acronym commonly used by the U.S. military for TACtical Standing Operating Procedure. The TACSOP is essentially the “game-plan” that squads follow when conducting tactical operations.
(These are typically sent through email after purchasing a ticket or the days before the event)
OPORD = A planned format meant to assist subordinate units with the conduct of MILSIM OPS.
These are broken down into five easy to read paragraphs. Situation, Mission, Execution, Sustainment, and Command / Control. ( Will come with TACSOP )
FRAGO = Fragmentary order. Usually a direct order from command, not specified on OPORD.
CCP = Casualty Collection Point ( Main respawn point that does not change throughout the game) 
CP = Capture Point ( Flag objective that must be controlled by your team for points) 
FOB = Forward Operating Base ( A capturable respawn point)
= Marks the spot. Generally a capture point or objective on the event map. 

Golden Rules:
4. Wear proper protective equipment for your environment for example sturdy boots for our challenging terrain, and to pack a rain jacket that works with your faction colors (And as always pack spare socks)
5. Always respond to CEASE FIRE calls on the field. Echo the command and remain in place.
6. Be accountable for yourself. If you are having a medical or personal problem that is causing a danger to you or others don’t hesitate to tell Game Staff. If you need medical attention they can coordinate whether it be a ride back to the parking lot to return home or get medication. If you need to leave for any reason please tell Game Staff, your SL or your Team Commanders before leaving so they know that you are gone and not lying somewhere on the field with a compound stress fracture and dehydration waiting for death to come and take you.
7. Always observe and recover any pyro you throw. Make sure you are throwing on a non flammable surface, if a brush fire does start you are the first one responsible for pulling a safety flag, stomping it out and dousing the source and waiting at least 5 minutes to check for smoldering embers. All brush fires will be reported to Game Staff. Remember if you need more than 9 people to smother a brush fire call a cease fire and withdraw to a safe distance
9.) If separated from your squad, return and remain at respawn until you regroup. Should never be out on your own. Do not go on any missions to relocate your squad on your own. Stay at respawn.
10.) Treat all event participants with respect and dignity. Our events are designed around providing you with a fun experience. There is no win or lose and therefore no need to get competitive.

“Wounded” RULES:

  • Once you are hit you are now considered “wounded”.  
  • While wounded, you must remain in place until a team mate either moves you, (Drag or shoulder carry the “wounded” participant with their consent) or until a medic heals you. 
  • While waiting in place, please do not talk to teammates, reload, or test-fire your weapon or anything else other than calling for a medic* – reloading sounds and “test firing” cause a distraction for live participants in the area who may inadvertently believe you are still in-event and therefore shoot at you.
  • Medics can “heal” by bandaging a wounded player. Players may not be bandaged more than twice. If a player is hit after being healed a second time – they must drink a 8oz Water Bottle (Simulated IV) provided by a medic. If no waters are available, a player will bleed out and his squad must REDCON
  • If a Medic does not reach you in the first 5 minutes after you are hit, you will “bleed-out” and are now considered “killed” and therefore are “dead”. At this point please follow the being “KILLED” makes you “DEAD” rules. 

“Killed” Rules / REDCON:
Do not walk back to respawn on your own. Wait for your squad leaders signal to REDCON and leave the area as a group. Deploy dead rags and remain quiet about event details as you walk by players. Playes seen talking about the event details while dead will have points deducted from their team. Squad leaders should always check back with command after REDCON and all players must drink water  before reentering the game.

Searching participants for intel is allowed and highly encouraged. The search procedure may take place while a participant is either “Wounded” or “Dead.” This also includes stopping a “dead” participant while they are walking back to the medic or CCP. • There are two ways to search someone. First ask the participant if they authorize you to search them. Then:

1. If they say yes then they have given you consent to go hands on and check them for intel. Please be respectful of the participant being searched and do not cause physical harm. If at anytime the searched participant asks you to stop then you must immediately stop and proceed to #2 below.

2. If the participant says no, or asks you to stop after saying yes, then you need to ask them for the specific items you wish to inspect such as, radios, maps, notebook, playbooks, loose ammo, etc. The participant being asked for this information must give it up freely without resistance. The searching participant is then free to take notes or pictures of any items captured. Once complete the searching participant must return all the items to the searched participant.

Weapon/Class Restrictions:


  • Players are not allowed to reload magazines on the field or in combat. This should only be done at your spawn point / FOB. 
  • Box/drum magazines are restricted to use by LMG/MMG Gunners. This is meant to keep the playing field level and place importance on the proper emplacement, fire control measures, and use of LMG/MMGs.
  • Mid-caps, standard magazines and low-capacity magazines are the only magazines allowed for non-LMG/MMG class weapons. (there are NO restrictions in the amount of mags you can carry)


  • Riflemen / anyone who is not a Gunner is restricted to semi auto fire
  • There is a zero foot minimal engagement distance on semi auto, although surrenders are allowed they are not required. 
  • Rifleman can carry either all mid / low caps or one highcap, No exceptions. Players will be checked for this at PCI.


  • 9 man squads are limited to 2 Grenadier class type weapons each. 
  • If a designated Grenadier participant gets hit, his/her teammates MAY use those weapons while the “wounded” participant is awaiting to be “treated.” Always be sure to ask for consent before using any equipment that isn’t your own.
  • Rockets & 40mm Grenades must be lobbed and should never be fired straight at participants or other targets. May not be fired within 50’ of targets. 
  • Rockets & 40mm Grenades have a “kill” radius of 10’ from the point of impact. If detonated in a room or hallway every participant in that room or hallway is considered hit and “wounded”. 
  • Participants behind no cover or soft cover (Bushes, Shrubs, Grass, and Small Trees) are “wounded” and must follow “healing” procedures. 
  • Participants behind solid cover (rocks, hills, bunkers, vehicles and trees much larger than their body) with the cover between them and the point of impact of the rocket are considered alive. 
  • Vehicles may be taken out by rockets or 40mm grenades (excluding BB showers) only. 1 rocket or 40mm grenade equals a kill on the vehicle, the driver, and the TC. All passengers are considered wounded and must follow “Wounded” rules. (Chalk rounds work the same as pyro rounds on vehicles) 
  • Spud guns are banned, no exceptions. 

(Note this is for M240B, M60, MK48, M249, M60, MG36, RPK, PKM, MG42, Krytac LMG/Shrike only)

  • Any LMG/MMG class weapon must be a faithful recreation of a real-world counterpart. Must have a bipod, and must generally be considered a LMG. (aka no smg’s with grippods and drum mags.) 
  • Full auto is limited to 50’ minimal engagements. Because of this gunners are required to have a semi auto secondary.
  • Squads are limited to 2x LMG or 1x LMG and 1x MMG class weapons each. 
  • Gunners are not allowed to reload or otherwise “Dump ammo” into their box mag out of spawn. They are however allowed to carry multiple box mags. If a gunner needs to reload and does not have a spare box mag they should head back to a spawn to reload with the rest of their squad. 
  • It’s a good practice to take over control of a LMG/MMG when the gunner gets hit. The LMG/MMG is the platoon’s greatest casualty producing weapon system and therefore it’s constant manning is highly encouraged. Once the LMG/MMG gunner is either “treated” or “healed” allow them to take back over operation of the weapon system.  
  • Always be sure to ask for consent before using any equipment that isn’t your own.


  • Snipers or Marksman must have taken a FGF Sniper Certified Recon Team (SCRT) course prior to attending the event (there are no exceptions to this rule) 
  • Sniper rifles must either be bolt action or permanently fixed semi-automatic guns (unable to fire automatic at any time without complete disassembly). Sniper rifles can use any type of propellant (spring, electric or gas), but they must shoot at or under the specified FPS limits for Snipers.
  • All snipers must adhere to a 100’ minimum engagement distance. 
  • Snipers must carry a secondary weapon with them in order to engage targets closer than 100’. The secondary may only be a pistol. It CANNOT be a full sized AEG, LMG/MMG, Grenadier, or Heavy Weapon class type weapon. 
  • Sniper Certified Recon Team (SCRT.) Are squads comprised of 2-4 members, SCRT’s are the only players allowed High Energy Weapons, (up to 2.75j) and the use of a Ghillie suit. Players still must be wearing their factions colors in addition to the ghillie suit. All members of the SCRT must be led by a pre-certified FGF Certified Sniper. 
  • SCRT members each get (1) bandage and are each other’s Medic. They may not medic themselves.
  • Be advised there are no sniper positions for squads and platoons. A DMR/MRK is not considered a sniper and is not allowed the use of ghillie suits when operating in a regular squad. Marksman are however allowed to use High Energy Weapons if certified. 
  • By volunteering to be a SCRT team you become a command asset and can be tasked for any mission. 
  • Please message your faction Commander or the Feel Good Farms airsoft facebook page after you have purchased tickets to inquire about sniper positions for a particular event.


  • A vehicle may be destroyed by shooting a Nerf or 40mm rocket at it from an approved device.
  • With all vehicles it’s 1 shot = 1 kill. If hit the vehicle is considered destroyed, the driver and all passengers are now considered “wounded”. When hit all passengers must exit the vehicle and follow the “Wounded” rules in place. The vehicle along with the driver must deploy dead rags and be driven back to their respective company HQ
  • Participants may NOT fire BBs at vehicles to wound the driver, or passengers.
  • Hand grenades can NOT eliminate technicals within close proximity ( shall NOT be tossed in cab or window)
  • Vehicles have a kill radius of 35 feet. If you are in the way or close to an enemy technical, consider yourself as good as dead and get out of the engagement area.
  • Vehicle Kill time is one (1) hour


  • All plastic riot shields are banned from operations other than for photographers to hide behind.
  • Ballistic shields are allowed. Replicas must weigh 20+ pounds at minimal and be 20 inches wide.
  • Shield bearers may not carry any other weapons other than the shield. 
  • Shield bearers if shot are “wounded” and can be bandaged twice. 
  • Shields are eliminated upon any nearby (10’) or direct grenade impact. Grenade kills skip “wounded” rules and the shield player is now considered “killed”. 
  • Shield kill time is one (1) hour.


A Squad is 5-9 people – If you did not sign up with a squad you will be assigned to one before the game starts. Stay with your squad at all times. Each squad may have just 1 (one) SL and MED.  

Squad leaders must have Radio (synced to their factions command frequency, in addition to their own squad)

Below is  an example of basic command structure for the event.


We require all players to comply with their faction’s uniform.This means your HEAD COVER (Helmet, Hat, Boonie, etc) SLEEVES (BDU, T-shirt, Rain jacket etc) and PANT LEGS (Pants, Shirts, Kilt, etc) fit the uniform standard under ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS. We do not make exceptions. Players seen out of uniform regs will force their whole squad to step out of play until the situation is resolved.

Being good with team identification is one of the most important skills to have at a FGF MILSIM Op.  With teams split up by tan and green uniforms. It is in your best interests to know which camouflage patterns you commonly see on the battlefield, and who they belong to. 

Some events Tan team is required to have BLUE indicators, and Green team is required RED. This is event specific and faction colors may change. Always check the event description for this detail. 
Indicators can be armbands, pants, shirts, jackets, or headgear. 

FGF MILSIM Faction Camouflage

Be advised the use of GREY, BLACK, WHITE, PATTERNED SHIRTs, and general civilian clothing is reserved for FGF STAFF, CIVILIAN, and MEDIA personnel ONLY. 

PCU jackets, LBX Project Honor Camo, and commercial hunting camo are banned from all factions at FGF events.
(Only exceptions being snipers are allowed commercial 3D camo jackets as long as their head, legs, and top underneath are still their faction colors)  

FGF MILSIM faction guidelines