What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a military simulation wargame where players participate in mock battles with authentic military style weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball, airsoft guns use 6MM plastic pellets (Biodegradable BB’s are required at our field) and are powered either by Spring, gas (CO2, green gas), or are automatic electric guns (AEGs). Guys and girls fight together to win capture points and secure objectives while going up against other teams. This hobby is enjoyed all over the world and is genuinely safe, and less painful than paintball.


What’s FGF like?

Feel Good Farms Airsoft (FGF Airsoft) is 75+ Acres of epic New England wilderness. The AO has varying terrain that is both hilly, heavily wooded, swampy and has a urban MOUT site.

What makes FGF Airsoft different from other fields?

Feel Good Farms Airsoft is a close knit community of airsofters looking to have not only a safe time, but a good time. Mixing theatre in with Airsoft, we are very engaging and accepting of new players. Our community of players is constantly growing and we would love for you to come and be apart of what makes FGF great.


How do I get involved?

Start by liking us on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribing to us on Youtube. We are very active on those sites and post photos and event information for all of our games to Facebook, while instagram and youtube cover highlights of each game day and promote upcoming event. The more active you can be online the better, but we are always looking for players to get involved with activities around the farm. Hosting regular build days, we encourage players to come along and help out as we are always looking to make improvements to the field. Each week we run Saturday build days (and night skirmishes) and Sunday Skirmishes.


What do I need to know prior to attending a game?

First, check to see if it’s an event weekend. Don’t want you to drive all the way out for your first game to find out its a huge event. We have all of our events posted on the website and on Facebook. If it’s a regular skirmish weekend, just come on through! Skirmishes are for everyone. With varying game-modes every weekend, no weeks the same! We have 8 rentals available. $25 for a gun, mask, and BB’s to last you the whole day. This is in addition to the standard skirmish price, you can pay online or in person and we can process cards.

Airsoft rules can be found HERE.

What do I need to do prior to attending a MILSIM event?

We require all players attending our two day MILSIM operations to buy tickets for the event. Either in person at the field before the event weekend, or online with paypal. Event patches are first-come-first-serve. So buy tickets early to guarantee yourself a patch for the event. After purchasing a ticket from us, your name will be added to the event roster which can be found on the events Facebook page. Members of each team will have a TACSOP (TACtical Standing Operating Procedure) sent to their email as the event nears. This will be your teams battleplan, do not share this information with anyone other than your own teammates. Although a checklist is provided in the TACSOP, you can also find all of our PCI (Pre Check In) requirements on our Airsoft Pack List. All of the items highlighted in red are required for our two day events, and extremely encouraged for our one day.

Additional Milsim rules can be found HERE.

Where do I find photos of me online?

All of our photos are posted to our facebook page FGF Airsoft. They are typically posted a few days after the event so make sure to check there after to see if we got any cool photos of you.

We also post videos taken to our Youtube channel.