FGF Airsoft Rules Updated 7/22/2022

All Players are required to sign a waiver when coming on-site. Minors must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. You can find a digital waiver to print before you play. Click HERE.

This is a static copy of the living rules of our game. Anything the marshels/staff say take priority over anything found on this page. You can check the living copy of this document. Click HERE.

PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY when coming to and from the Field.  Always keep your airsoft guns in a gun bag and in a safe location. 

All players must come to Check-In located at the white trailer to register and pay. Additionally all players must have their guns chrono before walking on to the playing field. Chrono is done by a Marshel near the field entrance. If walking on late, please wait there to be chrono’d by a referee.  



Age Requirements

Children must be 12 years old or older in order to play; they must have a signed waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian, they must be able to follow the directions, rules and regulations, given by Field Marshals at all times. Any player including an adult player can be suspended or expelled from our field or our property for failing to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at any time.

Eye and Face Protection

  • All players are required full seal ANZI Z87.1 rated eye protection with a retention strap, all eye protection must be on before entering the playing field. 
  • 18 and under are required to wear a full paintball mask or full seal goggles with hard coverage – like a lower mesh faceguard. 
  • Over 18 is still recommended to wear a full paintball mask, or goggles with a lower faceguard. 
  • Mesh goggles, ski goggles, shooters & gas masks are not allowed. 
  • Eye pro must be on at all times on the playing field.
  • Do not remove or ventilate goggles during the game. Notify Referees if you need to clear your goggles; so you can do so safely. If caught taking eye pro off for any reason on the playing field you will be asked to step out of play. If the problem continues, leave.

Real World

If you lose your eye protection in the game; immediately place your arm over your eyes while raising your other hand over your head THEN call “REAL WORLD”. Do not uncover your eyes for anyone other than a Ref. If you see someone in this position CALL “REAL WORLD” and notify a ref on the location of the situation.

In the situation of a Real World Emergency (Life, Limb, Eyesight, Wildfire, or Wildlife) all participants must…



  • All weapons must be chronographed each time they are brought to the field
  • HPA guns must be chronoed with .40 gram BB’s (provided) and locked. This is to calculate for joule creep to remain under the joule limit. No tournament lock = denied
  • We require all players to use Bio BB’s. We sell them in our store if you do not have them.
    Non-biodegrable, Steel, Crossman, Walmart, or other cheap BB’s such as .12 are NOT allowed.
  • When in the safe area all mags out, guns cleared, and safeties on.
  • Barrel Blockers are required for all guns unless holstered.

Weapon Classes:

After chrono each weapon will be assigned a Tier and will be marked accordingly.
Players will need to be rechronoed any time internal modifications are made to a gun. Tier is not based on weapon platform, but there may be restrictions on large skirmish days such as all guns capable of semi auto being restricted to semi auto Unless it’s a LMG, HMG o is  historically full auto only.
M4<1.00j=Tier 1, M4>1.01j=Tier 2, M4<1.84j=Tier 3, M4>1.84=No Go, Semi auto M4<2.75= SCRT 

  • Tier 1: Must be under 330 FPS w.20s or 1.00j
    (0) ft MED on semi / 25 ft MED on full) 
  • Tier 2: Must be under 420 FPS w.20s or 1.64j
    (0) ft MED on semi / 50 ft MED on full) 
  • Tier 3: Must be under 450 FPS w/.20s or 1.84j
    (25) ft MED on semi / 75 MED on full 
  • Sniper Rifle: Must be under 550 FPS w/.20s or 2.75j
    Sniper Rifles must be Semi locked / Mechanical (not capable of full, binary, burst etc)
    Snipers must be SCRT members and carry a secondary for close range engagements.
    (100ft MED)
    SCRT: Sniper Certified Recon Team is a required course to use a sniper rifle at FGF Airsoft. This course occurs several times a year and allows players to experience the full 65 acre playing field and get special privileges like access to towers and recon roles at MILSIM events. If one is unable to take the course you may pay the price of the course and take a simple certification. 


– No weapon may shoot over 25 rounds per second (if over player will be limited to semi auto)
– Binary triggers and Bursts are considered as full auto. Will have to restrict to full auto MED. 


Only Colorful Enola Gaye Smoke (no black and white unless for practical effect in game) and BB grenades (Tornados, spring loaded, etc) are allowed at this time. Any grenade that goes “Bang” ie: Pea Grenades, Thunder B’s, TAGGIN etc are NOT allowed. Non explosive 40MM grenades are allowed. 


Melee weapons can be anything from a rubber knife, a boffing/nerf sword, or just your hand. A light tap or slash on any part of a player’s equipment is considered a hit. Melee weapons should never be “whipped” or used to “stab”. Melee weapons should never be thrown into the air. Instead, lightly thrown or tossed under hand. Hard training weapons like cold steel tomahawks / swords are NOT allowed.


  • Boundaries: Our boundaries are clearly marked with neon tree tape.
    Do not cross outside or shoot through said tape for any reason. 
  • Field Marshals: Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are here to give players a fun safe time. Please be respectful and comply with all requests from Marshals. Marshals must be informed of any gameplay problems and real world emergencies. 
  • Rules of Engagement: Try and aim for center mass when at all possible. Blind firing is not allowed, weapons should always be shouldered and players should have the ability to aim down the sights when firing. All weapons must stay true to their classification and not break MED. 
  • Hit Calling: Airsoft is an honor sport, the game hinges on the integrity of the players. A hit anywhere to the body, gear, or weapon counts as a hit. Friendly fire counts, Ricochets do not. When hit a player should yell “HIT” as loud as possible, raise a dead rag, and assume a non threatening position. Dead players can only use the words HIT, OUT, DEADMAN, MEDIC YES or MEDIC NO. Any other communication = respawn.
  • Accusing: Yelling at someone to call their hits is NOT allowed. If you feel a player is not calling their hits, step out of play and identify the accused to the Ref/Staff immediately, and in person. Keep a calm head. You will remain out of play until the situation is resolved. Accusers may be sent to respawn at the referee’s discretion
  • Medics: Medics are designated players who can heal dead friendlies back to life by tapping them for “10 Medics”. Anyone can move a dead friendly player by maintaining physical contact. Medics may not shoot or move while healing a dead player. If a dead player is hit as a medic is healing them, the medic is also eliminated. No meat shields!
  • Respawn: A respawn is a designated area that dead players can walk to, tap and come back to life. Players must go all the way to respawn. They cannot start on the way to respawn and stop for any reason before reaching their respawn point. Respawn points are the players responsibilities to defend, spawn camping, although unsportsmanlike, can happen. Players must work together to secure spawns.
  • Trash: Please, carry all trash out with you at the end of the day, should not be considered a chore, however viewed as general field upkeep/respect.
    “Leave it better than you found it”
  • Dead Rags: All players MUST carry two dead rags on them at all times and store them in two separate locations. This rule ensures that if one dead rag is lost the player will not create confusion being “dead” without an available dead rag for their head. We encourage attaching a dead rag to a pouch to always have one.
    (Dead rags can be red, white, yellow, or blaze orange. Ideal size covers whole head.)


  • All patrons are expected to act with integrity and maturity. Anyone who becomes a danger to themselves or the field will be ejected from the facility immediately.

 All of the following carry the penalty of expulsion from the field if violated.

  • Language that is deemed verbally aggressive I.E. threats, slurs, vulgar gestures.
  • Physical aggression or unwanted physical contact. I. E. striking grabbing, shooting
    outside of gameplay.
  • Theft from private persons or the field
  • Aiming or firing at wildlife
  • Do NOT climb or ram the buildings, structures or props. Damaging, spray painting, or barricading buildings is not tolerated and players seen doing so will be banned. Please report said behavior. 

Prohibited Items

Firearms and Live Ammunition, Any blade longer than 4 inches, Mace, Pepper Spray or any other non lethal weapon, Improvised airsoft grenades, Pyrotechnic devices, or Potato gun. Absolutely no alcohol or illegal narcotics.


  • At FGF Airsoft we allow for “occasional” overnight sleeping” and shall be limited to a maximum of 48 individual Airsoft players (or no more than 24 tents).
  • All camping must be screened from the road and around the pond area.
  • If you plan on remaining overnight for a game please make a reservation by calling 603-654-2001