Eye and Face Protection

  • Full seal eye protection is required, and must be on before entering the playing field and will be checked at chrono.
  • 16 and under must wear a full paintball mask or similar hard coverage.
  • Over 18 is recommended to wear a full paintball mask, or goggles with a lower faceguard.
  • Mesh goggles, ski goggles and shooters are not allowed.
  • Notify Referees if you need to clear your goggles; so you can do so safely.
  • Breaking the seal between your eye protection will get you re-spawned.
  • If you lose your eye protection in the game; immediately place your arm over your eyes while raising your other hand over your head THEN call “CEASE FIRE”. Do not uncover your eyes for anyone other than a Ref. If you see someone in this position CALL “CEASE FIRE” and notify a Ref.


  • When in the break area, mags out, guns cleared, barrel blockers on. Socks, gloves, plastic caps etc; do not qualify.
  • Holstered guns must have mags out in the break area.
  • Dry firing may only be done in the break area with the barrel bag on and muzzle inside an enclosed container. for example: the trunk of a car or a gear bag.
    Field limit is 400FPS with a .25 gram BB.
  • If you feel someone has a hot gun; step out of play and identify the accused to the Ref/staff.



  • You cannot blindly fire around corners or through walls.
  • Firing into or out of URBAN in full auto is allowed. Engagements inside of urban; is semi-auto only.
  • Knife kills are allowed by hand or rubber knife. Knife tosses are allowed, keyword toss, not whip.
  • Tornado grenades kill all in a single room upon detonation in a building.
  • Thunder B’s may not be loaded with any material such as BB’s and powders.



  • Any direct hit to a person, gun or gear is considered a hit.
  • If you are unsure of a hit, call it a hit.
  • If you see a teammate hit, tell them they are hit.
  • Friendly fire counts, ricochets do not.
  • If you are hit, you are required to stop play and remember DEAD MEN DON’T TALK!
  • Dead players can only use the words HIT, OUT, DEADMAN, MEDIC YES or MEDIC NO. Any other communication will result in points loss.
  • Yelling at someone to call their hits is NOT allowed. If you feel a player is not calling their hits, step out of play and identify the accused to the Ref/Staff immediately, and in person. You will remain out of play until the situation is resolved. Accusers may also be sent to respawn at the referees discretion.
  • There is an UNENFORCED surrender rule. Asking for a surrender does not require the person to do so.



  • Protection of spawn points is the responsibility of the defending team, not the Ref/Staff.
  • Eliminated players have a 120 second bleed out time and are healed after receiving and can only be bandage from a Medic.
  • Eliminated players may be moved by a live player while in direct contact with them. Breaking contact requires dead players to STOP.
  • Eliminated players may also return to their respawn point to tag back into the game.
  • Medics may not heal themselves.



  • Ref channel is 11
  • Notify field staff if you are asthmatic, diabetic, allergic to bee stings or are on any prescribed medication.
  • Tobacco products allowed only in the break area.
  • No firing at or near wildlife.
  • Alcohol, firearms, and knives are not allowed.
  • Do NOT climb or ram the buildings, structures or props.
  • Use doorways for entry and egress. Windows can only be used to shoot through or pass equipment.
  • No aggressive physical contact or language directed at another player (NOT ALLOWED).
    Horns are used to start, pause and end games.
  • If a horn is blown during a game, STOP SHOOTING, AIM your gun at the ground and hold position, listen for instructions. Do not remove your goggles.
  • Single horn blast starts a game. Two horn blasts ends a game. Three horn blasts means an emergency; cease fire immediately and stop all movement.
  • Only in case of emergency, players may call for and use the words “CEASE FIRE”.
    Players must start within their stations.
  • All water bottles, BB bags, 12 grams and prop trash must be carried out of the playing field.

IGNORANCE of the rules is no excuse. Attitudes are not tolerated. Whining will get you respawned. Refs decisions are final.


Players must chrono under 400 fps with .25’s. This is 1.86 Joules. Polarstar, smp, or any other HPA system must chrono by joules depending on their BB weight. They must chrono under 1.86 joules no exceptions. The HPA user must tell Staff what BB weight he is using and provide proof if there is any doubt whatsoever.

The following is a list of Mandatory and Recommended load outs for Feel Good Farm.

    • Face Protection
    • Age 13 and under are required to wear Paintball style Facemasks.
    • Age 16-18 are required to wear Eye Forming Goggles or Wiley X style glasses with a strap and a Balaclava or Shemagh.
    • Age 18 and over are required to wear Eye Forming Goggles or Wiley X style glasses with a strap.
    • Water Containing Devices: Canteens or Camelbacks. Plastic bottles are okay but what you bring out to the field you take back with you at the end of the day.
    • FRS Radios or “Walkie Talkies” or “Swackboxes”. We have an ever growing field and communication is key.
    • Red rag – to place on your head when shot.
    • Good boots with ankle support
    • Signed Waiver
    • A mature attitude.



    • Compass
    • Flashlight
    • Backpack to haul your ammo.
    • Extra pair of socks. Just in case the first pair get soaked.
    • Age 18 and up, Balaclavas or Shemaghs
    • Radio headsets – loud radio chatter will give away your position and get you shot.
    • Suitable camouflage – Woodland, DCU etc.
    • Tac vests or something to carry your gear.