Tales of New New Boston

Tales of New’ New Boston.
This event is $35 and is a one day event.
An FGF Post-Apocalyptic Role playing Immersion event.
In the wake of the Z-Apocalypse, civilization as we know it collapsed. It seems people got so caught up hunting zombies for so many years, that they forgot how to live. Thankfully, in some pockets around the globe, people have begun to migrate and revert to their old ways. With no fear of zombies, survivors have been able to reform the towns that they once lived in. One particular town has been doing extremely well, and that is New’ New Boston. Founded right in the area of New Boston, New Hampshire. The local inhabitants have set up store fronts and are attempting to bring law and order back to their once great city. While the zombie threat has been eliminated, there is still fear. Rumor has it that nuclear warheads, originally planned to wipe out a large area of Zombies, fell into the hands of Raiders. Locals know that everything they have built, stands on the brink of destruction if these Bombs really did fall into the wrong hands. Their only hope is to secure the bomb or find a way into the local fallout shelters. Do, die, or don’t. It’s all your choice and your story in the Tales of New’ New Boston.
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Tales of New New Boston 10/19/2019 $35

Gates open 8AM
Chrono and Registration 9-11AM
Game briefing is at 11AM (Be here, registered and chrono’d prior to 11)
Game officially starts at 1200
Game is live until 6PM.
Lunch can be served at 1 at an additional $5 and your choice between 2 hot dogs, 2 chicken patties or a hamburger. both options come with chips and drink
For our full list of rules click here: http://feelgoodfarminc.com/
We have 8 rentals available, they come with a mask and BB’s to play the whole day. Please call ahead to reserve.
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