Here at Feel Good Farm Inc. of Lyndeborough, NH we have just over 70+ acres of pristine woodlands, with rocky terrain at times including brooks and abundant wildlife. We host many activities throughout our outdoor health park and many more to come. We are a Land Management & Recreation facility and devote our lives to experiential education with opportunities for everyone. We also have the best blueberries around, so come on by and try some or buy a few boxes to spice up your own pancake recipe. You must call us before you come for any of our activities.

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Airsoft. Sundays our Staff and expert Field Marshal’s run Military simulations and tactical games in one of the most exciting competitive team shooting sports ever. Hiking our scenic extensive trail system connect fields of grass with yucca plants across pine coves and then bridge to hemlock mountain tops that are beautiful any time of year.


Join our SUMMER SATURDAY GAMES starting June 1st, 2024! Gates Open at 12pm*
Game Time 1-8pm * No Lunch * $30 For the Day

Horseback riding and carriage rides are also available by appointment only.


We have several farm co-op opportunities, blueberries, cord wood, or just farm on our land.One of our businesses are delivering Portable Privy’s to local communities for weddings and construction projects .Larry and Sharon are two caring people who help out in their community.

Larry, a US Navy Veteran, enjoys helping veterans and Sharon enjoys making crafts.


Call Us to make an appointment to view our farm. Telephone: (603) 654-2001