Agriculture plays a big part of any farm, and at Feel Good Farm, it’s no different. Here the difference is that you get to experience some of the agricultural activities that are special to New England, and to farming in general.
Our agricultural activities are designed to introduce people to aspects of farming that they might not normally be exposed to. Picking your own fruit is enjoyable anywhere, but learning how to tap a maple tree and then boil down the sap into rich syrup, is something that not everyone gets to experience in today’s busy world.
Some of these are still in their infancy, so please be patient with us as we expand our educational workshops to cover these important aspects.

Community Vegetable Gardens



Our great vegetable gardens are a great place to learn more about planting and growing your own vegetables. This workshop will take you through the steps you need to know about getting your gardens going.
Come and pick blueberries. Obviously only when in season. We will post information about when blueberry picking starts.

Tree Farming

Ornamental bushes and Shrubs Usually in the spring and fall, this workshop deals with planting, growing, pruning and transplanting trees. from fruit trees, to Christmas trees, this workshop covers the details you need.
Growing, maintaining and selling bushes and shrubs. A great workshop for the up and coming gardener.

Green Houses

Our farm greenhouses are a great place to learn more about extending your growing season in northern climates. Learn some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to indoor planting and growing.