Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Has Feel Good Farm been approved by the town of Lyndeborough?
A:Yes, we are proud to be site approved by the town of Lyndeborough
Q: Is Feel Good Farms a for profit company?
A: Yes, we are a membership driven company, for profit.
Q: When can I come to Feel Good Farm?
A: We are family oriented and work on the principle of sharing the farm and all its function with those who wish to come on an announced basis. This means that we are gated and expect each member to call before coming, with the exception of gaming days. We want to know who is doing what, to create an environment that is safe for all including children and the animals which run free on the property.
Q: How can I find out when “gaming days” are or other special events at Feel Good Farm?
A: A schedule of repeated events is published yearly and can be found HERE. REMEMBER, multiple activities can happen on the same days, yet management concentrates on the scheduled event. Guests visiting to participate in activities other than scheduled events on these days days are welcome but cannot expect personal attention unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
Q: Do I still have full access to the facility if an event is going on?
A: You may be limited in your activities because of the scheduled event, and when on your visit (as a single or with your family) and you do not require management’s attention, you will need to be aware of the other goings on.
Q: What if I need time with the Feel Good Farm Management?
A: If you require management time, such as horse riding lessons, or some other schooling or guidance, previous arrangements should be made before you arrive, and an agreed fee for that required time will be discussed. Trading and bartering is promoted as a fee compensation to the farm.
Q: What are the rules for the community garden?
A: There are no set rules, the more you participate, the more you get.
Q: When does blueberry picking happen?
A: Blueberry picking happens when the berries are ripe. Half for the farm, half for you. Don’t forget to call to see when the berries are ready to pick.
Q: When are the hiking trails open at Feel Good Farm?
A: Our trails are always open, approximately 55 miles on 540 acres. Call to tell us what you are going to do, and how long, so we may go look for you if you are late checking out.
Q: Do you have any swimming facilities?
A: A country pond is available to swim in but you are at your own risk. No children will swim alone, they must be with an adult.
Q: Are pets welcome at Feel Good Farm?
A: If you want to bring your pet, you are welcome to do so. They do not have to be on a leash but must be safe around others guests and other animals.
Q: What if I am not comfortable around animals?
A: All our animals, horses, llamas, birds, goats, sheep, and whatever animals happens to be visiting or live here as free to roam. If you are not comfortable, please let us know, so we may teach you how to feel comfortable and safe.
Q: What if I have an idea for additional activities at Feel Good Farm?
A: Feel Good Farm is a diverse place of activity. If it is not happening, tell us and we will see if we can make it happen. Your idea may bring joy to other members so don’t be too shy to express yourself.