Hiking, Walking and Running
Biking, hiking, walking, jogging, running, snow-shoeing… you decide. With miles of woodland trails, you may travel through our vast wetlands, hills, forests and rivers. Bring the kids for a leisurely stroll or kick it up a notch and get in some training for the decathlon. You can do it all at Feel Good Farm. Trail conditions vary from rough and rocky – great for bikers – to well groomed trails great for running on. Not into extreme stuff? Just take a walk through the woods! Hike, Jog, Snowshoe…. Hikers, walkers, joggers and anyone who enjoys being outdoors, can take advantage of the 55 miles of meandering trails that cover the 540 acres of woodland at feel Good farm. Because there are some many trails, you can choose a loop that meets your needs and abilities. There is something for everyone. For the nature lovers, you can spend time stopping at various stops and enjoy the wildlife that abounds. Enjoy trail running? Well we have plenty to offer. Some of the trails are more rugged and more suited for the experienced trail runners, but we have many miles of trails suitable for the casual runner. Come and see which ones you enjoy the most.
“I was amazed by how many trails they have and how diverse the terrain and wildlife. Can’t wait to go back” – Sean, Manchester, NH
The scenery along the trails is wonderful. The trails wind through evergreen and hardwood forest, alongside and over bubbling brooks, and up and over rocky ridges. It’s hard not to stop every now and then and take in some of the natural splendor that surrounds you. Come and see for yourself. Biking: Feel Good Farm is continually upgrading, maintaining and adding new trails to our already exciting layout. Currently for the extreme mountain biker, there is a single track technical trail called “Stream Stretcher” which will have you riding on the edge and behind your seat. Sometimes you’ll find yourself right over the handlebars if you are not careful! It’ll carry you up steep hills, across narrow bridges, around large rocks, past giant bears, through an ocean…. Okay, maybe we got carried away a little, but it’s good to try over and over to build your experience. Record your travel time with us, and see who is the quickest Feel Good Farm woodland rock hopper! There will be races and prizes to come for this new season, so keep checking for an update. In addition we have over 55 miles of double track trails covering the 540 acres of the farm. Due to the variety of habitats and terrains, the trails cross streams, meadows, rocky ridge lines and more. So, this offers something for everyone, regardless of your skill level. Don’t forget that we are in the wilderness, so watch out for our roaming wildlife and their droppings. We wouldn’t want you to slip in it while racing low rounding a corner. If you carry in any food, please carry out any trash or waste. We give a hoot, so don’t polute our streams. *If you would like us to host a mountain biking club meeting or charter for you, we have a large outdoor party tent with wicker couches, chairs and tables and of course our trails to explore after. We can even cook up a blueberry pancake breakfast to fuel you for the day. Contact us and schedule your day into our calender of events and help your biking club gain recognition and new members.