Lyndeborough Livery
Lyndeborough Livery is a wholly owned subsidiary of Feel Good Farm, and it is under that name that we rescue horses. In order to fund our rescue operation we encourage our horses to earn their own way by hooking them up to wagons and giving rides. We have regular horse days here at Feel Good Farm and we are involved with special events off camps as well on the roads of Lyndeborough, as well as at weddings, birthdays, and all sorts of special occasions.
The Lyndeborough Livery rules are the same as those for Feel Good Farm. Safety First.
Contact us to see how we can teach you how to become a horseman, or if you are already one, show us what you know and you may be able to come and play as you may.
Horseback Riding
Come and learn how to ride on one of our beautiful, friendly horses. You can learn one on one with our instructor and be riding on our trails in no time at all. Or if you are experienced and just want to go out for a ride with us, let us know when you want to trot on through our trails and experience the wilderness of Lyndeborough, NH. All rides are scheduled by appointments only.
35 per hour for one on one riding lesson.
Kids Pony Rides
Kids pony rides are available. 5 for a short ride; 15 dollars for a long ride.
Carriage Rides
Bring your partner, family, or friends for a great carriage ride on our track or on our local scenic rural roads. Call for more details and availability 603 654 2001.
Here’s a horse lovers video