Hello, and thank you for purchasing your tickets in advance. Please print out your emailed receipt and have it readily available the day of the event. A TACSOP will be sent out to you and members of your team as the event nears. In the meantime, please check our Airsoft Rule page on our website and check to make sure you meet all the highlighted requirements for our Two day MILSIM ops. If attending only for one day, please still refer to that checklist as it is a handy guide of what to bring to any of our MILSIM events. Also like the event you are attending on Facebook. A roster is posted in the event description. If you have purchased tickets and plan to attend with a team or squad. Remember, a squad is no less than a group of 5 and no bigger than a group of 8. Squad leaders must have the TACSOP printed and a radio on hand the day of the event. They should also message us directly on Facebook. Only after you have messaged us will you then be added as a squad leader on the roster.

Thank you, and see you at the game!